Wake me up when September ends

That’s the name of a song by Greenday that I’ve liked very much. It’s just jumped on my mind when I decided to write something.

I’d planned to write something each month to see how I change by time before my 20s ends 😉 However, I procrastinated. From when starting my working life (again), I always feel lack of energy. Like a little child who doesn’t want to go to school, I have to try so hard to leave the bed every morning to go to work. When a classmate known that I had to take 45 minutes bus- metro 1- metro 2 to go to French class after work, she said I’d had a big effort! Yes, too big for me. In school-year, I take around 4 hours travelling to work and to class . Sometimes; it’s even more when the train or bus has problems (many time). People asked me why you did not live in Brussels. I asked myself that question, too. A long story… but I’m so hesitated to change!

And, sure, I always procrastinate. That’s why I started writing this post one month ago, and gonna finish when the October even going to end soon!!

Talking about recent months, I’ve just struggled with how to balance my life. It runs too fast for me. Several months being sick, several months busy with summer activities, finally I had my “summer holidays” in the early of this month. To be honest, I was not so enjoyed. My health is bad. I should take a trip just for resting, not walking and discovering so much. Anyway, it’s a nice trip, to escape and to release stresses. But, I’m waiting for my dreaming trip to Vietnam, to my HOME. It will be the time point when I connect my two worlds and twi-life… I’m excited but worried… So, what will be will be! I’m still counting down to be there, to hug my mom and my grandma, to see my friends, to be back home…





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