#3 Dalat in Belgium ^_^

It was sunny but cold and windy in the starting day of a new week. I had a studying trip to Mol. After two hours, we reached a place located in somewhere like a pine forest. When the bus crossed a lake surrounded by pine trees, I had the feeling like I was in Dalat, a lovely highland city in Vietnam. The weather was also the same in Dalat. Oh, I missed that place so much. Last year, I went there twice with my beloved friends. Those were the happiest days we shared together. I could never forget those early mornings, we went out at six, drank coffee at the side of small alleys in the city then had bánh mì- the most delicious one I’d ever had. It was like we left all of the busy life in Saigon behind, we just enjoyed the pure atmosphere, the beautiful sight and the smell of the highland.After that, Trieu and I took our Australian friends to travel around Dalat. You never know, some people you’ve met once accidentally on the way may be your long life friends and bring you many wonderful memories.I’m a lucky person to have many nice friends like that in my life. The older I am, the more I treasure the friendships. I’m grateful for that so much.

Oh, December days seem always beautiful. My dear friends in Belgium are also so nice to me. Just being together in class, having lunch, doing works… we’ve been sharing every day here. I feel happy for that. 🙂

Life is a journey. Am I gonna getting old since I so enjoy each moment? ^_^ Love my life!


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