For the new year, new age, new chapter of my life <3

Year 2014 has gone by with a lot of emotions for me. It was a really colorful and lively year.  I feel time has run so fast. A lot of things have happenned and a lot of feelings that I have experienced. But, I just want to keep the most beautiful and happy memories inspiring me to live more deeply and meaningfully.

In 2014, I travelled a lot to where I had wished in the past. There were two trips winthin 2 months to Dalat city. First, I went with my dear friends from Australia who I made friends suddenly on a bus two years ago. PoCa and I were like their tour guides and partners as well. That was a unforgetable time for me. Then another trips with my closed pal, my teachers and Singaporean friends to Dalat again and visited another places. Especially, my group artkua went travelling together to Hanoi where I wished to visit since long time ago. Staying and travelling, we shared a really happy time. And, perhaps, it’s one of the biggest trip in my life, I travelled to EU, 10000km from home…

I also had wonderful times with my new friends in T8M in English club. We shared a lot of fun. I have never forgot the time we in the part, in coffee, in beer club then at the pavement and… stayed together in a room. We were so closed. I wish I could be with you again soon.

I’d rather name 2014 is a TRANSITION year! For many years, I chose for me a dream. Then, that dream became my goal. Finally, it became my short-term plan. I followed my heart, chose which I really wanted to do. I’ve told my self a thousand times that “I can do it”. And now, I could say that ” I could do it and I’ve done!”. Thanks to God, I was a lucky girl. That have made a lot of changes in my life.

After many times thinking of leaving the work, I have chance to say goodbye. Actually, being busy but I felt love my work without tons of stresses as before. I did a kind of flexible and complex job since I worked as an chief-assistant, solve multiple works to assist my manager and my colleagues. I enjoy the time working in company and I was truly sad to leave them.

It was a big change in a relationship. I hoped. I disappointed. At least, I could stop that painful relationship which hurted me so much. I do not know what would have happenned if I could not leave out… however, I seem need more time to forget…

Finally, I’m here, a dream place that I had never could imagine in the past. I hope two years staying here will lead me to be more mature. A new year has come. I wish I will be stronger and will experience as well as learn more!

Happy new year my dear Mama, daddy, family, friends… A new year, a new chance to fulfill your dream, to enjoy your life and to be happy every moment!


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